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Stargate Security is a professional and dynamic company, established in 2010 and which takes advantage of the over twenty years of experience gained by its founders in the field of national and international security through collaboration with prestigious private and institutional structures.
Professional experiences, combined with knowledge of the national territory and many international scenarios, allow us to optimize projects and operational results, providing interventions and operations of security and intelligence recognized and appreciated not only by customers, but also by the competent authorities with whom we are frequently called to interact.
The growth and consolidation of the corporate structure took place without interruption, thanks to the search for characterized and specialized personnel, to whose training and qualification we have devoted great attention, aware that only by pursuing excellence is effective customer satisfaction possible. The needs expressed by our customers have determined the choice to include, within the staff, competent professional figures in the investigative, legal, auditing, accounting and technical sectors, adequately trained in order to face and manage complex situations, maintaining the best relational profile with our customers and guaranteeing wide-ranging support.

We provide integrated security solutions for companies, management management of the company mission, of the budget and of the resources in the field, of the personnel and of the cutting-edge technologies, as well as the analysis and protection of data and information in accordance with the changing regulatory expressions of the sector, combining the customer needs to the prescriptions of the competent Authorities and Bodies.

We have UNI 10459/2017 certified Security Managers and we carry out Security and safety management activities in events and exhibitions, both in the periods in which no Events are scheduled – in order to monitor and verify the various situations / procedures / systems, and in the periods in which, instead, they take place the same, as well as for the research, coordination, management and monitoring of the armed security companies, concierge-fire prevention, reception, Loss Prevention & Customer Security services.

We also carry out specific IT activities to support the security of ticketing systems, accreditation and registration of visitors and various workers, as well as intelligence that may be necessary for the optimization of the security system of the exhibition sites and events. .

The many years of experience gained in the management of security services in the exhibition area and in events, in which the commitment to stimulate intelligence processes with respect to those guaranteed by the physical presence of security guards and porters within the exhibition areas was shared, made it possible to highlight the containment of the costs of supplying concierge services and supervision, directing the performance to the re-directing of economic resources for the efficiency of the service.

We have been following Italian and multinational companies for some time to ascertain unfair acts of competition carried out by shareholders and other collaborators, documenting employee behavior in violation of the duty of loyalty and fairness.

We have extensive experience in verifying the activities carried out by competitors, for the protection of the company business, trademarks and patents.

The operating results were widely recognized both by the local press and television networks, and by the Public Safety Authorities.


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