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Stargate Security operates with a Management and Intervention Protocol, which provides for the involvement of the Public Security Authority for the activities under its responsibility, which has led to commendable results which have been widely disseminated in newspapers and local television networks.

The areas of intervention in which we operate are:

  • Definition of perimeter defenses and control procedures.
  • Management of the accreditation system of the workers involved in the set-up activities.
  • Monitoring and classification of the work areas of the individual teams of fitters.
  • Management of the visitor ticketing system.
  • Management of entrances, exits and internal flows of visitors and exhibitors.
  • Coordination of valuables transport services involving dozens of armored vehicles simultaneously, with pre-assignment of the unloading and loading areas of valuables.
  • Coordination of resources in the field: security guards, doormen, ticket office, receptionist, close-protection, loss-prevenction, private investigators.
  • Arrangement of instrumental checks by means of X-ray equipment and metal detectors to check visitors and their luggage.
  • Security and intelligence on cases of interest, through close collaboration with institutional investigative bodies (public-private synergy).

The Intervention Protocol provides for a preliminary assessment of the “AS IS” situation by means of a Security Assessment from which it is possible to identify the desirable corrective actions for the improvement of the security system on the settlement, the times and the necessary procedures. The operational phase is articulated within the forecasts of a Security plan shared with the customer, to respond to any situation or event of importance for security.


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